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What Is a Pap Smear?

A Pap smear, or Pap test, is a test of a sample of cells taken from a woman’s cervix. The test looks for changes in the cells that may indicate cervical cancer or precancerous conditions

Why Do I Need a Pap Smear?

Based on your history and age, your doctor may recommend you have a Pap Smear for different reasons:

  • To look for signs of Pre-cancerous cells or Cervical Cancer
  • HIV infection
  • A Weakened immune system due to organ transplant or chemotherapy
  • Exposure to DES (Diethylstilbestrol) before birth

Pap Smear Test Results

Results usually take a couple of days to get back and they will be either negative or positive. A negative result is a good thing, it means your doctor did not find any strange cells on your cervix.

If results come back positive, this is what is consider an Abnormal Pap Smear. This does not mean you have cancer, However, it does mean your doctor will want to do further testing or examination to be certain is not an inflammation or minor cell changes.

How Often Should I Have a Pap Test?

The frequency of screening is between the patient and the provider, a guideline is to screen no less frequently (with a history of normal paps) every three years. Doctors recommend you begin Pap testing at age 21. If you are age 30 or over, You can have a Pap test every 5 years.

Does a Pap Test Hurt?

The Pap Smear Test does not hurt. You may feel a little pinch or a bit of pressure, which could be a little uncomfortable for some.

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