Leslie Phillips, MD

Obstetrician Gynecologist (OB/GYN)

Dr. Leslie Phillips is an OB/GYN that has been practicing since 2001. She attended UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and her Residency Training was at St. Paul Hospital also in Dallas.

She began private practice in Irving and moved to Fort Worth in 2007 where she was faculty at John Peter Smith Hospital.

Her husband of 30 years, Ken, is busy with The Steak Cook-off Association which he founded and has grown to worldwide competitions of over 100 each year. Their son, Nick is a 2nd year FP Resident at Fort Smith, Arizona. Their daughter, Jessica is a busy family Lawyer in Fort Worth.

Dr. Phillips is a life-time horse lover and currently raises two Racing Quarter Horse Foals each year. They have won races in four states. She also likes helping Ken at Steak Cook-off’s and has tried her hand at judging 24 steaks at one sitting.

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