Is Vitamin C Good for Your Skin?

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Looking for brighter and better-looking skin? Topical vitamin C may be your answer.

Many people know that vitamin C is good for the immune system but did you know that it is often used as a topical for skin care? Using vitamin C on the skin may help slow down skin aging, improve skin appearance, and prevent skin damage from the sun. Many dermatologists are recommending vitamin C for their patients.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help protect, renew, and improve skin. The use of topical vitamin C has been researched. Some main conclusions found from various research studies on topical vitamin C include:

  • Daily use of topical vitamin C helped improve the appearance of wrinkles on the face and neck
  • Topical vitamin C improves skin texture and overall skin appearance
  • Topical vitamin C can help protect the skin from sun damage in combination with sunscreen
  • Vitamin C can help reduce dark spots on the skin
  • Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory effects that can help with acne and acne scars

It is important to remember that using topical vitamin C cannot replace the use of sunscreen. Topical vitamin C for the skin can be found over the counter, online, or at your dermatologist’s office. You want to look for a product that has the active form of vitamin C which is referred to as L-ascorbic acid at a strength of 10% – 20% and a pH lower than 3.5. This information should be located on the label.

Topical vitamin C should be applied to the face after cleansing and before applying sunscreen. You do not want to mix it with other products or it could cause skin irritation. You can use it daily if your skin responds well to it. If you experience any discomfort or abnormalities contact your healthcare provider or dermatologist. It usually takes up to three months of consistent use to notice a difference in skin appearance. If you are looking to get brighter skin and reduce wrinkles it may be worth trying topical vitamin C.


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