Think you Know the Signs of Perimenopause?

By now, most women realize that menopause is not the onset of unsettling symptomology. Technically, menopause marks the end of the era of menstruation. No more periods! Yay! Perimenopause is the duration of many years leading up to the cessation of the monthly cycle. This time in a woman’s life may begin as early as… Read More »

Dr. Leslie Phillips presenting as part of “Being Well” series with Texas Health Resources

PRESS RELEASE: 4/28/2017 Dr. Leslie Phillips, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology has been invited to speak on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 11:30 am as part of the Texas Health Willow Park Hospital’s “Being Well” presentations. “Being Well: A Health & Well-Being Discussion” is a free series of educational lectures presented by health professionals and designed… Read More »

Dr. Leslie Phillips to speak on panel at 2017 Birth Roundup

Dr. Leslie Phillips, OBGYN, has been invited to speak on a panel at the 2017 Birth Roundup. The event is hosted by Texas Birth Networks and the panel is coordinated by Dallas/ Fort Worth International Ceserean Awareness Network (ICAN). The panel, titled “Preventing the Primary Cesarean” examines ceserean rates among low risk first time moms, and… Read More »

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