Interested in VBAC? Here are Some Details You Need to Know!

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) TX | Grace Obstetrics & GynecologyFrom the moment most women find out they are pregnant, the idea is to deliver a healthy baby via vaginal delivery. When delivery involves an unexpected C-section, it is not uncommon for the patient to feel robbed of the desired experience. A large percentage of women who deliver via cesarean section decide even before their next pregnancy that they want to plan a VBAC or vaginal birth after cesarean.

Here’s the good news! Statistics demonstrate that the success rate for VBAC is at least 75%. The team at Grace Obstetrics & Gynecology is familiar with this type of delivery, and we support women in their personal choice for VBAC. Here’s what we want you to know . . .

  1. VBAC is your choice. A woman may notice messages after an initial C-section that subsequent pregnancies will also “need” to follow suit. These messages may be subtle or overt, and they may permeate a woman’s psyche easily if she has a sense that her cesarean was due to “mechanical failure.” Negative commentary about the idea of a VBAC has no merit. If you want to deliver naturally, there is no reason not to pursue this option.
  2. You may have to advocate. In certain circles, the idea of VBAC continues to be frowned-upon. Some women find that they have to prepare themselves with scientific data and statistics to prove they have the right to consider the vaginal birth after cesarean.
  3. Advocating may not be necessary with the right provider. Whom you choose for your VBAC and where you choose to deliver your next baby makes a difference in how much advocating you have to do for yourself. VBAC is a delivery option of which our physicians and midwives are very supportive. Also, a formal study on VBAC has suggested that the midwife-led delivery is more likely to be successful than a standard hospital birth.
  4. Your uterus is more durable than some people think! One of the most common myths about VBAC is that this model is risky due to the chance of uterine rupture. Only 0.2% of VBACs encounter such a problem. Furthermore, successful VBAC is no less likely for a woman who has had multiple C-sections than for a woman who has had only one.

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