Pregnancy for the Woman with Diabetes

Obstetrics Fort Worth, TX | Cleburne Pregnancy is an exciting event in life and can be even for the woman with diabetes. The challenge of regulating blood sugar levels is one that we want to be tackled as early as possible after conception, if not beforehand, to prevent complications. If you are diabetic and would like to begin or expand your family, we encourage you to schedule a visit with an OBGYN in our Cleburne, Granbury, Willow Park, or Fort Worth office. During a comprehensive consultation, we can begin to formulate a plan for successful diabetes management and a healthy pregnancy.

What does a healthy pregnancy with diabetes look like?

Diabetes presents several risks for an expectant mother and her growing baby. Our priority in providing obstetric care for the pregnant mother is to set in place a routine that will balance blood sugar to lower these risks. Management actions include:

  • Prompt blood sugar testing. The risk of birth complications occurs immediately after conception. Even during the first trimester, elevated blood sugar can harm the baby.
  • If blood sugar medication has already been prescribed and taken, dosage or type of medication may need to be modified during pregnancy. Every situation is unique, so we monitor the dosage and effect of medication carefully.
  • Prenatal vitamins. Every woman who begins prenatal care is advised to take specifically formulated vitamins to support fetal development. These vitamins are particularly necessary for the diabetic mother. Folic acid is a common substance in prenatal vitamins due to its preventive capabilities against spina bifida and other birth defects. A consistent vitamin regimen should begin even before conception. In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, vitamins should be started immediately upon confirmation.

Diabetes Management

The management of diabetes continues throughout pregnancy and may be adjusted as needed to support the mother and fetal health. For example, some women need to increase insulin dosages to successfully manage blood sugar levels as the needs of the growing baby change. Nutrition is another important aspect of diabetes management for the pregnant woman. The foods that you consume during pregnancy have a direct effect on fetal development and well-being. It also has an indirect effect through the spikes in blood sugar that may occur.

Unexpected pregnancy?

If you have not planned your pregnancy, contact us for early intervention in the area of blood sugar monitoring. Call us at 817.776.4722 to schedule an appointment. Our professional staff provides friendly care that will guide you through your healthiest possible pregnancy.

We look forward to providing you with the personal care needed to see you through this important time in your life.

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