Pregnancy Tips for a Sizzling Summer

Obstetrics Fort Worth TXSummertime has historically been a season of fun in the sun. Many adults can remember the joy of summer including weekly picnics or barbecues and days by the pool. This doesn’t have to end when you become pregnant. Here, we offer a few simple (but essential!) tips for making it through the sizzling summer with ease.

  1. Stay hydrated. Hydration isn’t quite as simple as drinking eight glasses of water a day. Most adult women need about 90 ounces of water to be genuinely hydrated. Consuming water isn’t all about keeping cool, it is about warding off unnecessary uterine contractions and dreaded constipation. For the latter, a glass of warm lemon water every morning upon waking can do the trick beautifully.
  2. Have a beach day! Many pregnant women are still somewhat confused about whether they can go to the beach or pool. The answer is a resounding Yes! Time in the water offers refreshment and also alleviates some of the physical pressure that occurs during pregnancy. Just remember to use plenty of sunscreen before and after that swim.
  3. Sit back and relax. Summertime presents us with ongoing heat, which presents expectant mothers with swelling. Honestly, the legs and feet can become frustratingly uncomfortable when swelling is not well managed. How can you manage this side effect of pregnancy? By propping up your legs whenever you get a chance. Leg massage, anyone?
  4. Go shopping. Actually, you want to go shopping before the mercury rises. Don’t just go shopping, go shopping with a purpose. The hot summer sun exacerbates the heat and moisture that already exists for the mother-to-be. Where there are heat and moisture there is a chance of yeast, which means there is a chance for vaginitis. For optimal comfort, clothes need to be breathable and, if possible, also moisture-wicking. The more moisture and heat can be pulled away from the skin, the less opportunity there is for yeast to form in pivotal places.

Summertime pregnancy can be comfortable and healthy. We are here to support you with professional care in a friendly environment. Call 817-776-4722 to schedule your visit to our Fort Worth, Willow Park, or Granbury office.

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