When Pregnancy Puts Strain on Your Back

Obstetrics Fort Worth TX | OBGYN GranburyIn many pregnancies, especially first pregnancies, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation for the body to change in an obvious way – a way that says “I’m pregnant!” Physical change begins at the moment of conception and continues well past the delivery of a new bundle of joy. Once the womb expands to a point at which there is no denying that bun in the oven, the excitement that had been so prevalent may dim due to the physical strain that results from structural and postural changes.

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is such a common complaint during pregnancy that women in the conceptual stage of family planning may expect it at some point. Anticipation is one thing; planning is another. Here, we offer a few suggestions on how to manage the physical changes of pregnancy in a way that supports a strong and comfortable back.

  • Watch your posture. You may have impeccable posture before pregnancy, but as soon as your baby bump enlarges, this may change. A larger abdomen pulls the arch of the back forward, putting more stress on the sacroiliac joints and vertebral discs of the low back. To reduce this strain, learn to roll your shoulders back with relaxation, and to stand with your feet wider apart. The chairs that you sit in should have good support. Depending on your normal level of comfort during pregnancy, you may want to carry a small back pillow with you to gain that support. Finally, side-sleeping with a pillow between your needs reduces pressure on the spine and muscles of the back.
  • Exercise regularly. The months of pregnancy may seem like the least important time to think about core strength. This time in life is like a free pass to avoid crunches and sit-ups! The thing is, core strength is crucial to a comfortable back. We’re not saying to keep up your abdominal workout; just to maintain an active lifestyle with walking, mild strength training, and appropriate yoga poses.
  • Think about therapy. For some women, back pain becomes a distracting problem as their midsection continues to expand. Pain should not diminish the quality of life and can be managed with appropriate therapies when necessary. Applying heat or getting weekly prenatal massage may help, as may seeing a chiropractor or acupuncturist familiar with appropriate care for pregnant women.

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