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Obstetrics | Grace Obstetrics & Gynecology TXThe term OBGYN is frequently used as a blanket description for physicians whose focus is women’s health. Women know from a relatively early age what it means to see their gynecologist for well-woman checkups and birth control. What may not be quite as clear is the timing of obstetric care. Throughout our four locations in Texas, our staff can assist women with their gynecological and obstetrics needs.

When to Seek Obstetric Care

Obstetrics is the field in which medical care is provided to an expectant mother. This is typically referred to as prenatal care. However, the first visit with an obstetrician is best sought before conception. This process of care enables women to know how to manage their health and wellness in preparation for pregnancy. The earlier a woman becomes mindful about her health, the better her body can traverse nine months of pregnancy.

Prenatal care itself occurs over time. Consistency is key to the healthiest possible pregnancy and successful delivery. From month to month during pregnancy, prenatal visits involve careful monitoring of vital health data, including fetal heart monitoring and mother’s blood pressure. Specific diagnostic tests are also performed at routine intervals throughout pregnancy. These tests may focus on health statistics such as blood sugar or may look closely at baby’s chromosomes. Certain diagnostic tests are recommended on a case by case basis.

One of the most valuable aspects of consistent prenatal care is the ability a woman has to get familiar with her healthcare provider. We understand that there are numerous questions that may arise during pregnancy and that the overwhelming amount of available information can create more confusion than clarity and confidence. This is why we encourage patients to contact us with questions such as “can I eat this?” and “Is this form of exercise ok for my baby and me?” We take the time to get to know our patients so we can answer these questions and others that arise.

Pregnancy is an amazing and exciting experience. It can also be somewhat stressful. Prenatal care is carefully planned to reduce uncertainty and support healthy mothers and babies. Contact one of our conveniently located offices to schedule your consultation.

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