Birth Control: Important Points to Consider

Birth Control | Fort Worth TX Pregnancy prevention is an important aspect of women’s health. Every woman has unique needs and preferences and, fortunately, we have options in birth control that suit everyone. At Grace Obstetrics & Gynecology we are proud to provide a level of personal care that enables our patients to determine the birth control method that is right for them. Our experience in this area of women’s health has given us a clear understanding of the various methods available and how they can meet a woman’s needs for . . .

  • What good is birth control without maximum efficiency, right? Short of completely abstaining from sexual intercourse, a woman needs to advocate for her wellbeing by learning which methods of birth control will offer the greatest potential for pregnancy prevention. Efficiency isn’t only about the method, either; we also need to look at how easy it will be to remember proper usage. For example, the oral contraceptive is one of the most efficient methods of birth control – if the prescribed pill is taken on a daily basis.
  • The matter of convenience involves when a woman wants to think about pregnancy prevention. Does she want to think about it every day (taking a pill), or would a monthly insertion be more convenient? Some women choose options that provide years of pregnancy prevention after one initial treatment.
  • Convenience and timing go hand in hand as matters of importance. The idea of having an IUD may sound ultimately convenient. However, this method is not appropriate for a woman who may want to conceive within a few years. Women who know they do not want more children than they have (or never want children) may feel burdened by the requirements of any temporary birth control.

A Final Note

Pregnancy prevention is only one detail in women’s health and wellness. While many convenient forms of birth control are effective at preventing pregnancy, they do not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

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