3 Signs and Symptoms of Impending Labor

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Every woman and baby has a unique labor and delivery journey. When your baby’s due date is approaching you may be watching closely for signs of labor. You may be excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time. It is normal to feel this way, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Although you may be eager to meet your baby, don’t try to rush the process. Your OB-GYN healthcare provider is your best resource during this time and they will be watching you closely for signs of labor. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to them. Remember that a woman could experience none, some, or all of these signs of impending labor.

1. Cramps

Some women may feel menstruation-like cramps as an early sign of labor. These could be the beginning of contractions, should be intermittent, and could last hours or days. If you are having cramps that seem to be consistent, call your OB-GYN provider to notify them.

2. Lightening

Lightening is described as a pressure-like feeling in the pelvis. It indicates that the fetus has dropped lower into the pelvis and is getting into position for labor. This could happen several weeks before labor or during labor.

3. Loss of the Mucus Plug or Changes in Vaginal Discharge

The loss of the mucus plug is when a glob of mucus is released from the vagina. The mucus plug forms a layer over the cervix as protection to keep bacteria out of the uterus. When it is released, it indicates that the cervix is beginning to relax and get ready for labor. The loss of the mucus plug can be sudden or gradual. It is possible to reform the mucus plug so it is not always a reliable sign of labor. Sometimes the loss of the mucus plug does not happen until later on in active labor. In some cases, a woman may notice other changes to their vaginal discharge such as texture or color.

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