4 Tips to Simplify Life That May Help Your Mental Health

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We’ve all been there, when you have so much going on and can’t seem to get everything done. Our lives have become so busy that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Always having a long to-do list can become a burden and can start to have negative effects on our mental health. Here are four tips to help simplify life.

1. Declutter Your Home

Your environment can affect your mental health. Having a home that is disorganized and messy can cause feelings of anxiety and depression. You may feel overwhelmed and think that you have too much stuff, but if you plan to work on decluttering even just 10 minutes every day, it could make a big difference. Throw away anything that you don’t use or don’t need. Put away any items that are not in their proper places. Doing this for just 10 minutes a day could help you keep your house organized and give you a sense of calm and accomplishment.

2. Plan Your Meals

Figuring out what food to buy and cook can be cumbersome. If you have several family members with varying opinions on food choices it may feel impossible to get agreement. Planning your meals and grocery lists ahead of time could be very helpful and reduce stress. Set aside some time the day before you do your grocery shopping to plan out the meals and snacks you will need for the week. Make your grocery list based on this plan and take it with you when you do your shopping. If it is working for you, remember to save your lists so that you can rotate and reuse them every few weeks.

3. Have a Routine

Having a routine or schedule can be amazing to help keep you on top of everything you need to get done. Getting things prepped and ready the night before can make your mornings easier. If something just isn’t working in your routine then change it. Try different methods until you find what works best for you.

4. Set Priorities

It is important to set priorities in our lives and to concentrate on what matters most to us. Remember to not take on too much. Sometimes we think we can do everything and set unrealistic expectations for ourselves which leads to burnout. Be mindful of what you are spending your time and energy on.

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