Why You Want a Well Woman Checkup Each Year

Gynecology | Grace Obstretics & GynecologyHealth and wellness are companion topics that encompass a plethora of lifestyle choices. There is an entire industry centered on telling men and women how to be healthy and well. The thing is, we are cookies that need to be cut. We are individuals. Health and wellness are not achieved through a cookie-cutter method, a special diet, or a particular type of exercise. It involves much more than that.

For the average woman, health and wellness take a back seat to the needs of others. Kids need help with school work or a ride to their important activities. Food needs to be bought and prepared, and there are often aging parents in the picture, too. Amidst all of this, a woman is expected to schedule an annual visit with her gynecologist. Who has time for that!

Gynecological care is crucial for a woman’s long-term . . . You guessed it, health and wellness. Often, this visit is the full extent of health care a woman receives. We understand this and provide care in a friendly environment that promotes peace of mind. Our staff performs routine tests to measure vital data such as blood pressure and heart rate. Gynecological exams may involve Pap smear to assess for abnormal cells on the cervix. They involve breast exams and pelvic exams to detect changes in tissue that may indicate breast or ovarian cysts.

As needed, the gynecology team also discusses family planning, birth control, STDs, and sexual function concerns. Women are encouraged to openly discuss the details of menstruation to alert us of any changes that could indicate infection, growths, or hormonal imbalance. We put a great deal of effort into creating strong relationships with each patient through which reproductive and sexual health is well-supported.

In addition to an annual well-woman visit, medical care should be sought for symptomology such as:

  • Changes in breast tissue.
  • Chronic abdominal, pelvic, or vaginal pain.
  • Irregular bleeding, including spotting between periods.
  • Persistent vaginal discharge that differs from the norm.
  • Unusually heavy or painful menstruation.

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