Itching, Pain, and Your Vagina

Gynecology Fort Worth | Obstetrics Cleburne TXAll is well in the world when a woman’s vagina is healthy. We go about life as if there weren’t a care in the world until there is. The onset of itching and pain can happen suddenly, and it could mean some things. Often, these are the symptoms of some vaginitis, infection from bacteria or yeast. There is also the matter of STI’s, but that is another topic in and of itself. For now, we want to discuss what you need to know about standard, run-of-the-mill vaginitis.

  1. Self-diagnosis leads to mistreatment. Ah! How wonderful it is to log onto the internet to find out why vaginal itching has occurred! But is it? Google does not know your vagina as your gynecologist does, we’ll just throw that out there. Let’s just say you self-diagnose a yeast infection (which has symptoms almost exactly like a bacterial infection), so you run to the store for some Monistat. Days later, you’re still itching and uncomfortable. This unnecessary prolonging of discomfort could have been avoided had you called your doctor right away.
  2. Your vagina needs a break. We live in the age of excess, and this can set women up for unexpected and unpleasant vaginal symptoms. The sprays and soaps that we expose this area to may set the stage for unhealthy conditions. Yes, those scented pantyliners are included as a culprit.
  3. Hey, your vagina needs a break. Do you ever feel like you’re rushing through a day and just want to sit down and take a few deep breaths? Well, your vagina is no different. This is a part of the body that needs to breathe as often as possible. The vaginal area is naturally moist and warm, prime conditions for both yeast and bacteria! Taking off those panties and letting fresh air reach this area of the body does your body good. Even if you don’t like the idea of running your daily errands commando, think of slipping into something more comfortable – like your birthday suit – for a good night’s sleep.

Vaginitis is a treatable condition, so don’t wait to schedule the care you need. The team at Grace Obstetrics & Gynecology is here to help you. Call 817.776.4722 to schedule an appointment.

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