Signs Your Toddler is Ready for Potty Training

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Raising a toddler can be tough. There are many challenges throughout toddlerhood which can be frustrating for parents. One of those challenges is knowing when your toddler is ready to start potty training. If you’re not sure if your toddler is ready, here are 5 signs to look out for:

1. Your Child is Interested in Using the Toilet

One of the biggest signs that a toddler is ready for potty training is that they are interested and curious about using the toilet. They may watch you use the toilet and want to mimic you. If your child is not interested in using the toilet, it will be very frustrating for both you and your child to start potty training.

2. Your Child Can Follow Simple Directions

Your child needs to be able to follow simple directions, as well as communicate with you, in order to learn potty training. If your child is unable to follow directions pretty consistently and he/she is unable to communicate with you, it will be difficult to begin potty training.

3. Your Child is Aware of Their Bladder and Bowel Signals

Children will start to indicate when they feel that they are peeing or pooping. They may verbalize it or they may point to their diaper. They need to be able to have this sensation in order to learn to feel when they have to use the potty.

4. Your Child is Drier for a Longer Amount of Time

You will start to notice that your child is going longer in between diaper changes. Many children will start to indicate or tell you when they need to be changed. They can feel and do not like being wet or soiled.

5. Your Child is 20+ months of age

Although there is not necessarily a “right age” to start potty training, 20 months or older is when your child is at an age where they can handle the responsibility that comes with potty training. There are some cases where children may be able to potty train earlier and others later than 20+ months as every toddler is unique, but if your toddler is showing the first four signs of being ready and they are 20+ months of age you may want to start preparing for potty training.

Figuring out when your child is ready for potty training can be a challenge. If you notice that your child is showing these signs that will give you a good idea that it is time to start putting a plan in place to begin the potty training process.

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