8 Family Friendly Activities That Will Keep You Physically or Mentally Active During the Texas Heat

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Summer is here and there is outdoor fun to be had. There are lots of summer festivals, pool time, parks, and just hanging out but what do you do when it is just too hot to be outside. There is always TV or video games but you would rather stay active. This is especially true when you have young kids. You don’t want to just plant them in front of a TV all day. There is nothing wrong with watching some TV or playing video games but you shouldn’t have an entire day of it. You and your family should remain mentally and physically active even when the weather isn’t nice enough to be outside. Use the following activities to keep your family physically and mentally active when you’re stuck inside.

Physical Activity Ideas

1. Get Some Exercise

There are lots of ways to be physically active indoors that don’t require any equipment. Check out YouTube for a ton of workouts that don’t require equipment. Many kids will want to join in if they see you exercising. Find a workout they can do with you.

2. Have a Dance Party

Dancing is a great way to get some exercise indoors. Turn up your favorite music and get your groove on or watch a video to learn a new dance. Kids will love joining in on your fun.

3. Balloon Ball

We know we shouldn’t play ball in the house but what about balloon balls? Use a balloon to play indoor volleyball or soccer. The whole family will not be able to resist joining in.

4. Cleaning and Organizing

This activity may not be fun for everyone but it is usually something good to get done on a day when you’re stuck inside. Have the kids race to see who can clean their room the fastest. Offer the kids prizes and rewards for cleaning. Use this time to do the cleaning and organizing you have been putting off.

Mental Activity Ideas

1. Reading Time

Time to start that book you’ve been meaning to read. If the kids are young and don’t read on their own yet, have family reading time. Find a cozy spot and get some snacks while you read together as a family.

2. Puzzles

Puzzles are a great activity to get the brain working and everyone in the house involved. If you don’t have any jigsaw puzzles, you can easily find some different types of free online puzzles that you can print for everyone to work on.

3. Arts and Crafts

Doing arts and crafts is a good way to occupy time stuck indoors. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Doing something simple like drawing and coloring can be fun for everyone. If you’re out of arts and crafts ideas, check out Pinterest to get some inspiration for a craft you haven’t done before.

4. Group Games

Break out the Monopoly and the deck of cards. Time to have some family fun playing some good old fashion games. The family will be laughing and enjoying time together.

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