Posts From January, 2023

UTI Image

Your UTI Questions Answered

Feeling some burning down there? Are you urinating frequently? These are a couple of common signs of a urinary tract infection. Anyone can get a urinary tract infection but they are more common among women due to female anatomy. Some healthcare providers consider them the most common type of infection. So, what do you do… Read More »

Exercising While Pregnant Image

Exercising While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a healthy and normal phase of a female’s life but there are a few guidelines that healthcare providers recommend that pregnant women follow. Pregnant women may have to alter some of the foods and drinks they consume, the beauty and cleaning products they use, or even who in the household is responsible for… Read More »

Birth Control Image

How to Decide on the Best Birth Control Option for You

Are you a woman and don’t know where to start when choosing the birth control that would be best suited for you? You are not alone in your struggle. There are several different types of birth control methods available today and it can get confusing quickly. Your medical history and personal preferences also play a… Read More »

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