Mom-Approved Doctor 2018 | Fort Worth TX

DFW Child “Mom-Approved” Doctors

Grace Obstetrics & Gynecology is excited to announce that four of our providers have earned the DFW Child designation of “Mom Approved Doctor.” DFW Child designates a Mom-Approved Doctor as: “a doctor who has earned the trust, admiration and respect of parents. Local parents reached out to our magazine, recommended these physicians and told us… Read More »

Not Sure about Those Prenatal Vitamins? Here’s What They Can do for You!

Most women understand that their nutritional needs will change during pregnancy. Actually, mother’s health is something that we start to monitor during the planning stages, when possible. Clearly, the fact that a human being takes up residence in the womb for a short time presents the need for heightened nutrition if this little seed is… Read More »

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